A High Fashion Fable

Works for women, too.

Works for women, too!

One day long ago and far away, maybe ten years ago, maybe in Ohio, a small group of high school students noticed the coolest guy in the hood only tucked in the front of his shirt, leaving the rest hanging out. It was an oversight, but they all thought it was purposely cool and copied it for about a week until they learned better, then forgot about it.

But the marketing managers at the Target headquarters saw it and thought it was a fashion trend sweeping the country, a trend followed everywhere by the coolest of the inner sanctum. It could be the answer they needed. When they dress a male model in their casual clothes, showing him hanging out with his Saturday afternoon buddies, he always looks nerdy. They already added a woman partner for each buddy so their group would not be mistaken for a gay gathering, but he still looked nerdy.

They put him in a backyard grilling burgers. He looked nerdy. They put a football in his hand. He looked nerdy. They put him on a dock, loading his sailboat with beer. He looked nerdy. They added a black couple (well, tannish), and they all looked nerdy. Nobody buys new clothes to look nerdy, but nothing worked. What to do?

“I got it!” said one manager hanging around a photo-shoot, and he tucked in just the front of the model’s shirt. There! The in-crowd would instantly recognize the coolness, but the real nerds would not notice. The clothes appealed to everyone. The best of both worlds!

The manager was promoted to vice-president, and today we all dress for backyard barbecues in Bermuda shorts, leather sandals (no socks), and a shirt tucked in at the front by a desperate few. Life is good, I kid you not.



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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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