MehI’m all in favor of new words—keeps our minds alert and all that. The latest is “meh,” that is not only useful, it means just as it sounds: “I don’t care,” “Who cares?” “So what?” “Eh” or just “Bo-o-o-ring!” It could be defined as a written shrug of the shoulders or a yawn in your face.  “Meh” is very similar to “Ya” used by my granddaughter years ago (See posting “Ya,” 1/15/2008).

If you have a cat, you have been mehed many times, every day.  It is a popular word in Feline. (In English, “meh” is not yet considered a verb, but you first heard it here.)

If you are over 60 and write “Eh,” anyone younger will think you mean “What say, sonny (or girlie)?”

The phrase, “So what?” and the others are too insulting. “Meh” is non-threatening and indicates the initiator was definitely heard and understood, but any comment would only prolong the boredom.

I suggest you reply to an email from your grandchild with a simple “Meh” and nothing else.  They will be impressed that you are up with the times, and they will know you will understand when they use it with you (as they surely will). It will also indicate your tolerance for their bragging over meaningless school awards is running low and maybe they will tell you what they are really thinking for a change.

“Meh” is a lot newer than your computer, so you will have to add it to your spell-checker dictionary, as I have just learned.

Meh.  (See how useful it already is? I kid you not.)


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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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