Rashida Jones and Peggy Lipton Verizon Commercial

Laundry 2The latest Verizon commercial opens with Rashida Jones wandering around her mother’s house holding her laptop looking for a strong WiFi signal. She finds the best spot is sitting on the floor of the laundry room when her mother comes in to grab something from the dryer (a familiar domestic touch in every home). Rashida is talking with her agent on her laptop (probably Skype) who has an acting job lined up for her. “What’s that noise?” he asks.  Rashida explains she is speaking from a movie set filming about laundry. Cleaver twist.   Which is real and which is the commercial?

The commercial is also cleaver just by getting that complex story across in a few seconds of short clips.

The Mod Squad

The Mod Squad, 1968-1973

The mother is played by Peggy Lipton, Rashida’s real mother who is acting again after semi-retiring for 15 years. She was the actress many remember from the old TV series, “The Mod Squad.”  (See the posting of August 7, The Go Back, Go Back! Verizon Commercial.) You can sense the chemistry between them, and the commercial is pleasant to watch. All they need is dad, Quincy Jones, to make it complete.  Verizon has a winner with the warm mother-and-daughter combination that appeals to everyone.

Rashida’s racial mix gives her the ambiguous heritage look that advertisers love.  (She tells of a reporter who put his foot squarely in his mouth by complementing her on her tan.)  Being pretty and talented is icing on the cake.  The opening scene shows how stunningly pretty she is, not in a glamorous way, just down-home pretty.  Peggy’s expression is perfect as she enters the laundry room and realizes she is interrupting but continues anyway.  Her expression says, “I know you’re busy, Sweetie, but I’ll only be a second.”  We have all seen this in our own mothers.

You can watch the commercial at http://adwhois.com/verizon-fios-commercial-laundry-room-wifi/  (Watch it to the end and you can chose several other interviews and commercials with Rashida Jones.)  See also the posting of August 7, “The Go Back! Go Back! Verizon Commercial.”

Note 10/27: A recent comment references a nice clip of the Jones family all together, mom Peggy, dad Quincy, and daughters Rishida and Kidada (a former wild-child who is now well-known by her own merits), at http://commerce.wazeedigital.com/license/clip/4087578_072.do   I am still learning about this talented family, catching up along with many of you.



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6 Responses to Rashida Jones and Peggy Lipton Verizon Commercial

  1. Khai Mang says:

    I love this commercial for several reasons. All of which you stated, but for being able to ‘see’ Peggy Lipton after so many years. She looks terrific! Rashida Jones is one of tens of thousands people living in the United States with multiple racial heritages. I’ll bet that millions of Americas (especially these so-called “Millenniums”) have absolutely no clue that her father is THE Quincy Jones. They murmur, “Who in the heck is Quincy Jones?” The Generation AND Racial Gap just seems to widen, eh? Undoubtedly, due to American Society’s steadfast refusal to take a peek at racially “controversial” events of… not that long ago… Maybe I’m being too “political” here. If so? So be it…

    • lilk says:

      ugh, there is one race HUMAN. Rashida is bi ethnic but identifies with her anglo/mom’s side.
      And millenials DO know she is Quincy Jones daughter as she states it over and over to get street cred. She has MANY times shared stories of visiting ehr Dad Q @ the studio and seeing various singers. MANY times she has shared stories of visiting King Micahle Jackson and others.

  2. Toodles Lupino says:

    Peggy Lipton is not coming off a 15 year “retirement” from acting. That 15 year break was from 1973 to 1988, when she was raising her daughters. She doesn’t work constantly, but she has plenty of acting credits from 1988 to the present, including stints in the Twin Peaks TV series and movie. It’s all listed on her IMDB page. Roger Walck, your fact checking leaves something to be desired.

  3. B .C. A. says:

    So great to see Peggy again..she looks GREAT!

  4. lilk says:

    (short video)
    Here is all 4 of them: Quincy, Peggy, Kidada, Rashida. [Very nice, short clip. -RW]

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