The Go Back! Go Back! Verizon Commercial

Verizon commercial 2This new Verizon FIOS commercial immediately caught my eye because of its Seinfeld-like setting. You can see from the windows that it is a city apartment and a bicycle is against the wall. The couple are sitting on a sofa, looking just like Jerry and Elaine. (Except he looks a bit old to still be playing house.  He is more like Kramer than Jerry.)

They are watching TV showing an object being shaped on a potter’s wheel. “Why are we watching this?” she asks, looking bored and irritated and entitled all at once.

He explains he paid for these channels, so he is going to watch each one.  She rolls her eyes, mumbles a comment, and says she will watch anything else in a tone that every man recognizes as a command, not a request. He switches to a program showing a beetle crawling out of a hole (both are programs I would watch).

“Anything except this,” she says. “Go back, g’back, g’back, g’back, g’back, g’back! . . .” repeated with increasing intensity. I counted eight “Go backs,” but noticed the last three were from a different camera angle. I think they realized how well this worked on editing and added more left over from the day’s taping.

Quincy and Riashida Jones with actress Peggy Lipton.

Actress Peggy Lipton with Rashida and Quincy Jones.

I thought the girl was exceptionally pretty (and funny) with just the right touch of sassiness, and I Googled the commercial to find out who she is. She is Rashida Jones, Quincy Jones’s youngest daughter. I have seen her in subsequent Verizon commercials, so I assume she is now on their go-to list. Good choice.

I recently recognized her in reruns of The Office where she played an office hottie as Pam’s replacement while she was on maternity leave.  Rashida has been a very well known actress for some time.  I am the one who is out-of-touch.  (Peggy Lipton, Rashida’s real-life mother is also an actress, known for her earlier portrayal of a sexy flower-child on the TV series “The Mod Squad” about a hippie cops who infiltrate counterculture groups. She is returning to acting after dropping out for 15 years.)

You can see the commercial at

Trivia: What is Elaine’s full name on the Seinfeld series?  A: Elaine Marie Benes.  In real life, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s  father is a billionaire who runs the Louis-Dreyfus Corporation founded by her great-great grandfather, Léopold Louis-Dreyfus.  Truth is stranger than fiction.


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