Shannon Welles and the “Oh, My” Grandma Buick Commercial

Buick Commercial,” 5/2/2014, and “The Blogging Grandma Buick Commercial,” 4/8/2015. (This blog.)

Shannon Welles

Buick commercial

Oh, my!









“My wife’s grandmother is 92 years young! She became a full-time actress at age 66 when she retired from teaching for many decades! Her name is Shannon Welles/Cele Bershad.” —9/29/2014, source unknown.

Shannon was a Kindergarten teacher at Point Fermin Elementary School (San Pedro, CA) up until the age of 65. She was known as Mrs. Bershad to all the children that loved her. Shannon Welles is her stage name. So at age 65 she truly gave her passion a run for it’s money!!   —9/16/2014, source unknown.

Many have asked who is the now-famous actress that plays the feisty grandma on the Buick commercial, but these two comments are about all I could find on the Internet. The sources are unknown because I didn’t know what I was looking at.  Facebook, maybe?  The comments were unattributed.  At least, I found her name.  Her portrayal may be famous, but little else is publicly listed about her.  She has had many bit parts in TV commercials and TV shows before she became recognized, and now, at her age, she is not actively publicizing her image as someone younger would.

Since the quote above from her relative is almost a year old, she may no longer even be among the quick.  One year at that age can make a big difference.  I suspect her professional photo on the right is from many years ago, but she had a great smile.  I can see her as a teacher.  I gather she has liked candy cane red-and-white stripes for a long time.

I was very surprised to find she is also the grandma in the next Buick commercial, the “blogging grandma” one that I panned so badly. (I apologize, Buick.)  She seems very frail in that one and so different I did not recognize her.  I see Buick now has a third commercial that uses clips of her from the first, the one that was such a big winner for them.

If she is in a nursing home somewhere, I am sure the residents and staff all gather around the TV whenever she is on.  Her portrayal has brightened the world for many of us, and she deserves her popularity.  We have seen nothing like her since Clara Peller, the “Where’s the beef?” lady of the 1980s.

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