How to Watch the Ocean City Boardwalk

Split screenI have recently posted about (May 25) and their many live HD cameras along the Ocean City Boardwalk. Here is a neat way to watch in both directions at the same time on a Windows 7 PC via a split-screen:

  1. Open your browser to show the 9th Street camera pointing north, showing the Music Pier in the distance. (I have on the top Bookmark Toolbar where it s handy to open.)
  2. Press the Windows key and the left-pointing arrow key together. (The Windows key is the one with the flag icon, usually on the bottom row of the keyboard near the Ctl and Alt keys.) This will move the window to the left half of the screen.
  3. Open a second window. (Right-click on the icon you use for your browser and you will get a menu of options. Select “Open in a new window. If you have the icon pinned to the bottom taskbar, it will always be visible.  You can pin it there by simply dragging the icon from the desktop onto it.)  Open the 9th Street cam pointing south. Press the Windows and the right-pointing arrow keys together. This will move that window to the right half of the screen.
  4. You will now have one window open on the left half of the screen showing the left view of the boardwalk and the other Window showing the right view on the right half. You can see people approaching from one side, disappearing briefly in the middle, then reappearing on the other side, just as if you were watching it all from a bench. See something interesting and you can click on full-screen for that side. Clicking again will restore the split-screen view.
  5. Both views will be partially obscured by an obtrusive ad for ProVideo Engineering, but you can easily eliminate it by clicking on the minus sign above it. You cannot eliminate the logo.

If this looks like too much for your limited computer skills, that is even more reason to work through the procedure. I purposely described it in detail, so it may look more complex than it is. The techniques will be useful in other applications.  For example, opening two screens side-by-side is handy when copying data from one and pasting it in another.  And the Windows key (which almost no one uses) has many other handy options.

The website does not work on an Android system, no matter what browser, but I expect that function will be added eventually, preferably soon.


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