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The Awkward “He or She”

“Can We Take “They” as a Singular Pronoun?” by Ben Zimmer. The Wall Street Journal, 4/11/2015. Anyone who writes even a little has struggled with the politically correct phrase, “he or she.”  For example, the sentence When a person becomes … Continue reading

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A word to the wise:  When you raise the flag each morning, as I do, take a moment to look up.  It is very easy to reverse the clips so the flag flies upside-down, and the neighbors think you are … Continue reading

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The Blogging Grandma Buick Commercial

Buick is trying to get more mileage from their original oh-my grandma commercial whose popularity surprised them. Can’t blame them for that, but it’s not working. The latest, aired during the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, briefly shows a different … Continue reading

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Longwood’s Un-Haunted (For Now) Peirce–du Pont House

Visitors at Longwood Gardens occasionally ask me if the Peirce-du Pont House is haunted. Parts of the house go back to 1730, so it is a natural question to ask. I assure them it is not, since I have been … Continue reading

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Thought Experiments on Time and Consciousness

Time, many agree, are separate instances that seem to flow together like frames of a movie because we remember what happened immediately before.  Our arm is in this position, but we remember an instant ago it was in that position.  … Continue reading

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Exotic Visitors at Longwood Gardens

This enchanting group of girls did not think of themselves as anything exotic, but to me they were. When they first came into Longwood’s Peirce–du Pont House, I noticed a slight accent and asked where they were from. They said … Continue reading

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