A word to the wise:  When you raise the flag each morning, as I do, take a moment to look up.  It is very easy to reverse the clips so the flag flies upside-down, and the neighbors think you are some kook making a political statement.  That knock on the door will be Homeland Security.


I just read the average lifespan of an American male  is 76.  Is that good news or bad?  I am 78.


Verizon is advertising that their TV package allows you to record 12 TV shows at once.  They’ve got to be kidding.  With over 100 channels available, I can barely find one channel to watch, much less another to record—and far less 12.  Anyone who can should re-evaluate their lifestyle.

Some cable companies are also pushing a service that will send TV to your smartphone or tablet that you can watch anywhere.  The implication is that you can watch TV sitting on the John. The people they show raving about this service are clearly watching way too much TV already.  One guy even says, “That’s something I could use everyday!”  Eat more fruits and vegetables is my advice.


A small local university is advertising the value of a DBA degree that you can get from them.  You never heard of a DBA?  It is a Doctor of Business Administration.  I guess a DBA trumps an MBA in an unemployment line.


The long run of the TV program American Idol has created a glaring problem for them: the also-rans go on to successful careers as often as the winners.  Just as in high school, the ones getting all of the honors at graduation do not necessarily become the high profile achievers in life.  Life has no one winner.  We all have a variety of wins and losses.  Some just get more publicity than others.


I recently read there are only three places whose names begin with “the”—the Vatican, the Hague, and the Bronx.  I guess “the Troc” does not count.


-candice-bergen-1363963631_bCandice Bergen, Edgar’s little girl all grown up, is 68.  In her new book, she says she no longer gets complements on her looks, is happy she stopped trying to combat aging with surgery, and realizes how much society rewards good looks.  She now eats what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  (In her pencil-thin days, she was Miss University of Pennsylvania.)

Good for her.  She always seemed intelligent and sensible.  And she still looks good to me, still with her same wry smile.  I would compliment her if I ever met her.

Her father once told her, “You know, Candy, it’s the beautiful women who commit suicide. It’s the beautiful women who struggle in life.”  How true.  My wife is the exception that proves the rule.




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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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