The Blogging Grandma Buick Commercial

Buick's blogging grandma.

Buick’s blogging grandma.

Buick is trying to get more mileage from their original oh-my grandma commercial whose popularity surprised them. Can’t blame them for that, but it’s not working. The latest, aired during the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, briefly shows a different little old lady that seems demented (the person she is portraying, not suggesting the actress herself). The first little old lady was sharp and feisty, which was her appeal, but Buick must think all little old ladies are the same.

This newest one is excited that she can blog from the car. She must be expecting to spend a lot of time there.  The young guy driving, presumably her grandson, is surprised that she blogs, but blogs are already old-fashioned and would be an expected activity of someone her age (like me). Everything is all Twitter and Facebook now. To be believable, his response should be something like, “Blog?  What’s that?  Oh, I remember.  We used to do that in high school. Good for you, Granny!”

I think her blog is telling the world what a dork her grandson is.  Just the way she says, “Ooo,” sounds mischievous.  The grandson is better off not knowing.

To me, the commercial suggests you will need something to do while waiting for the tow truck.  You can watch it at   (When there, wait a moment for the video to load.)

Note 11/21/17: The little old lady actress is the same, Shannon Welles! just a little older, or portrayed as a little older.


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