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How to Tell If a 1-Year-Old Will Have a Happy Marriage

Our local newspaper reprinted the article with this title by Samantha Rodman from the Washington Post. A baby, the mother, and a research assistant (RA) play together in a room. The mother then briefly walks out of the room and … Continue reading

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Vintage Lifeguarding

The typical lifeguard you see at your local community pool is a teenaged boy or girl trying unsuccessfully to hide their boredom. But lifeguarding is an experience they will never forget.  Adults have always taken care of them, and, now, … Continue reading

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An American Elm and Winter at Longwood Gardens

This photo at Longwood Gardens last year is more than a pleasant winter scene—the large tree on the right is one of the few remaining American elms. They worked hard over the years to preserve it. It is the first … Continue reading

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