Cursing Joe Biden

“The Biden Agenda” By Evan Osnos. The New Yorker, 7/28/2014

BidenHere in Delaware, we have all known Joe Biden for many years, and our ratio of fans and detractors pretty much match that of the nation’s. We have no special inside knowledge, other than he was one of the first to get a hair transplant many years ago. Our newspaper documented the slow growth of the tiny, scabby cores that eventually extended his front hairline. For a long while, they looked like ridiculous rows of drought-starved corn and we thought they would never seem natural. To his credit, he was open about the procedure and even seemed pleased with the publicity.

Noting a trivial point from the New Yorker article, I was surprised how much he curses when off-microphone (but not always off-microphone). I have no moral objections to cursing, but the Biden quotes remind me of Nixon, or maybe comedian Kathy Griffin’s mother. Like Nixon, it seems unnatural and old-fashioned.  Curse words are different now, all sex and scatology.  Joe’s style of cursing by religious terms (only found in Christianity) has declined along with the decline of religious convictions.  His cursing seems gratuitous, not for effect or emphasis, but an attempt to sound like one of the boys, boys from long ago, an immature attitude for a man who should be pretty well self-defined at his age.  He enjoys playing the role of the average Joe, which is hardly a stretch for him.

I don’t mean to open up a political debate on our Joe. This is just my own take on a situation that could be about anybody.


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