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Writing an Obituary

The past year I began my own obituary and posted my progress here (2/28/2014). Of course it was tongue-in-cheek humor, and parts of it may even get used someday. Writing your own obituary is not fall-on-the-floor hilarious, but unusual enough … Continue reading

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The S.S. Leopoldville Disaster

Leopoldville: A Tragedy Too Long Secret, 2008 edition, by Allan Andrade One of the exceptional people I met at Longwood Gardens is Allan Andrade, a retired New York City Police Lieutenant. In our casual conversation, I learned he had written … Continue reading

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No Laughing Matter

At first, we have fun laughing at our little problems of aging. They are no more than a nuisance, and our struggles with them are a staple of many sit-coms. Bart Simpson’s grandfather falling asleep in mid-sentence.  Vicki Lawrence’s portrayal … Continue reading

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Crown Molding

Installing crown molding along the ceiling once required a great deal of skill and patience  and was only found in luxury construction.  The joint at each corner had to be coped to keep the joint from opening up.  Wood expands … Continue reading

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Thingies, Selfies, Shelfies, and Now Theifties

Years ago my grandchildren and I developed a game where one would climb on my back and I would pretend not to know they were there and stagger around a bit. “I must be getting too fat. I can hardly … Continue reading

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