Buick Commercial

Buick commercialI love the new Buick TV commercial where a little old grandma steals the show. The theme of the commercial is that the new Buick has changed so much no one recognizes it. I am a bit puzzled why a company would want to emphasize their product looks like every other brand, but that’s beside the point.

The little granny comes out of a very upscale house with her grandson to see his new car sitting in the driveway. A neighbor friend calls out, “That’s not a Buick!”

“That’s what I told ‘im,” she calls back.

The next scene shows her sitting in the car, overcome by its luxury. “Oh, my!” she exclaims.

I wonder who she is—the actress who did such a great job, and what she normally looks like, how she normally lives. She is a refreshing change from the active seniors typically portrayed in advertisements who I refer to as white-haired teenagers. They advertise things like retirement communities, adult diapers, and medications. They are shown as active couples, a good-looking man and woman on bikes with their sweaters tied around their necks, paused by the side of a country road, meeting friends. It is morning, they are laughing, and you just know they recently had sex.  If not for their white hair, they would be teenagers.  In a similar version, they are just leaving a tennis court and are also laughing knowingly, clearly suggesting what’s next on their schedule, diapers or not.

(ADDED NOTE: Read more about the “Oh, my!” actress, Shannon Welles on the posting of 6/19/2015.  Find others by clicking on “Commercials” in the Category list near the bottom of the column at the right.)



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8 Responses to Buick Commercial

  1. Bonnie Madsen says:

    no one said who was the old lady?????

  2. Wayne Thompson says:

    You’re so right, RW. She’s very good, actress or not. Again, we still need to know who and what she is. Nice one, Buick! Wayne

  3. Janet says:

    Who is the Granny????????

  4. Diane m. says:

    I want to know them name of them woman who yells that’s not a Buick. T

  5. Pamela Matteson says:

    I’d like to know both ladies names in the commercial. Give them credit where credit is due.

  6. Ellen Hagen says:

    She played someone’s mothet or housekeeper in the 60’s or so. Drives me crazy not knowing the show!!

    • Teresa Hammonds says:

      I thought the “old lady” might be Irene Tedrow. I looked at her Biography and she passed away in ’95. The lady looks so familiar and I know she has been on television before. I just wish I knew what her name is and what television shows she has been in!!! Love the Buick Commercials!!

  7. Grandma the sweet little lady that I have ever seen. And she sexy…

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