Shelfies and Me

CappuccinoThe previous posting on shelfies lists items that have become clichés. That they are so common tells us a lot about how many of us want to be seen by others and even how we would like to see ourselves.  Here is what those shelfie objects are saying:

Patterned surface drawn on a cup of cappuccino: My daily life is so busy I treasure the occasional lazy morning and can afford the effort and expense of cappuccino. No quick cup of McDonald’s coffee for me! (Except when rushing around on my normal busy schedule of good deeds.)  The little drawing on the surface is just one of many signs my spouse leaves as a reminder of the love that I inspire in all who know me.

Shell under a glass dome: My good taste is so ingrained I am ever alert to beauty in even the most mundane objects. My taste is obviously far superior to that of the unwashed masses (like you) who must have passed over the same object many times, yet remained oblivious of its qualities. I am trying my best to educate you no matter how hopeless the task.

Reading glasses casually left behind: I am constantly reading, my unstoppable curiosity ever driving me to discover fresh insights, but I remain alert to the daily activities of the thoughtless people around me who often demand my instant attention.

High-class magazine casually left behind: Ever wonder who those ads for trendy, outrageously expensive clothes are targeted for?  Me, that’s who!  Superior people are expected to wear superior clothes, and finding just the right item takes effort that you could never understand in your Sears-Roebuck overalls. Even in this noble pursuit, the needs of others calls me away.  But I will return.

Intellectual books left open: Sigh! Just one more example of my dedication to your inferior needs, no matter how distracting. I’ll soon return to intellectual pursuits that cannot be denied, so I purposely left it open. Only you would interpret this as being sloppy or lazy.

Articulated wooden artist’s models: I have spent many hours in my sculpting studio with these beloved models creating objects for the ages that you could never appreciate, let alone create yourself.

Gee, that all sounds just like me. I should gather these objects together and photograph them in one shelfie. If only you had my exceptional taste, you would love it!

About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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