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Mating Behavior

A recent article described an old study done on the mating behavior of grouse, a chicken-like bird with similar intelligence issues.  Typically, the male struts in front of a picky female who either enthusiastically mates with him or rejects his … Continue reading

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Singin’ in the bathtub, Singin’ for joy, Livin’ the life of Lifebuoy. Can’t help singin’ ‘Cause I know, That Lifebuoy really stops . . .  Bee Ooh!” Just when you think the world is falling apart, remember we had some … Continue reading

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“Big Score” by Elizabeth Kolbert.  The New Yorker, 3/3/2014. I never took the SATs, and that was unusual even back in 1954.  I didn’t need them.  I was going to Penn State who accepted all Pennsylvania residents, even those like … Continue reading

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The Book Sale

I entered our local mall one night for a temporary distraction from the cold weather and found the annual used book sale run by a charitable organization whose name I can never remember. Their tables, which once filled the mall … Continue reading

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