Lansdowne High School, Class of 1926


Lansdowne High School, Class of 1926, at Mt. Vernon

Recognize anyone in this photo from 1926?  (Click on photo to enlarge, and again for additional enlargement.)  My mom is sitting on the grass in the front row, second from the right (like the hat, Mom).  Note the same guy in knickers and argyle socks is on each end.  He ran around the back as the slit camera slowly scanned, just as Paul Grexa did on our photo in the masthead above.  Every class had one of these guys.

In 1926, the high school was at the Highland Avenue School where we went for junior high.  See postings of:

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2 Responses to Lansdowne High School, Class of 1926

  1. Steve says:

    Pretty wild – I have that exact picture hanging in my home – not sure which of my relatives is in it! Is there a class list for 1926?

    • Roger Walck says:

      All I found was this photo and I recognized my mother whose name then was Edna Mae Giebler. If you would like a copy of the photo, I could easily email you the digital version with restored contrast and repaired tears.

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