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Flatland, by Edwin Abbott Abbott

Toward the end of the 19th Century, physicists introduced the concept of a fourth spatial dimension (4D)  to the general population.   Try as you might, you cannot imagine what a 4D world would be like, but you can still make … Continue reading

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Pop Italian Songs of 1954

I was listening on my new Nexus 7 the top songs of 1954 that I had recorded in 2005 from the University of Delaware’s Saturday morning radio programming (WVUD, Boptime with Even Steven).  Even back in 1954, I was puzzled … Continue reading

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Chatterbox For Sale

Thanks to Nancy Musser for passing along an article from The Press of Atlantic City that says Ocean City’s iconic, pink Chatterbox restaurant is up for sale. Marie Repici, its 82-year-old owner, understandably has had enough.  Its estimated value is … Continue reading

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Grooming Secrets Involving Chicken Fillets

A recent article in a British newspaper, one of the deliciously trashy ones I follow (Daily Mail), describes a survey of 2,000 women on grooming habits they hide from their partners.  There are 20 of them, and I am listing … Continue reading

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