Maori Warrior

The photo of the Maori warrior in the posting Alien Cultures, 12/20/2012, struck a chord with many readers who often refer back to it (or perhaps just one reader very much taken with it).  The warrior is showing his game face of widening his eyes and sticking out his tongue designed to strike terror in the hearts of his enemies.  We are more inclined to laugh, but apparently it works as intended with other Polynesians.

Maori Warrior

Maori warrior actors

So here is another photo of Maori warriors, I believe taken by our intrepid tour professor, John Fleckles, of Hawaii Pacific University, to give credit where credit is due.  I think they were actors putting him on.

The lame photo below is one I took of a Tahitian dressed up for us tourists, but not too happy about it.  He looked close to his upper tolerance level, so I did not ask him to show me his game face.  Excellent tats, though. (Today, Tahitians speak French and typically do not attempt to understand English, but their indigenous Polynesian language is making a comeback.)



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