Ocean City, 2013


  • This is the best boardwalk bench dedication I’ve seen.  Get it?  “O’Sheehan City?”  Very cleaver, Sheehan clan.
  • Be optimistic about shore weather.  Tropical storm Andrea was expected to rain out Thursday when we met, but it stayed inland where we could see the clouds in the distance. Our day at the shore was sunny and comfortably cool. We had dinner at the exceptionally well-managed Anchorage Inn in Somers Point with carefully prepared food, friendly staff, and an owner who visits every table.  It is wildly popular with the locals, but they can still take walk-ins with only a slight wait so early in the season.  The experienced staff was ready for the summer crowds.  The same was true for the Tahiti Inn where we stayed for the last day of the off-season rates.  There was even a fireworks show by the owners of Gillian’s Wonderland.  The rain came Friday, but not a downpour, just drizzle that added atmosphere as we walked to a breakfast place overlooking the boardwalk.  We were back at our homes in Avalon, Wilmington, and Cherry Hill by lunchtime.
  • Classmates there were Jerry Jerome, Nancy Musser, and me (plus spouses).   I don’t think we even mentioned LAHS the entire time.  The joke of calling it a mini-reunion is getting old.  We are just a group of aging septuagenarians who enjoy getting together each year and keeping up with our current lives.   A photo is available by request, or pull up the 2011 posting.  We look pretty much the same, maybe a little worse if anything.
  • Many of the store clerks and wait-staff are Eastern European girls, all exceptionally pretty, pleasant, and eager to please.  Very enjoyable to talk with.  What’s not to like?
  • The American girls are getting fatter each year.  Muffin-tops are common and are displayed proudly .  They also scratch themselves a lot.
  • The beach has been overly replenished after last year’s storm Sandy.  The ocean is so far from the boardwalk, I did not even go there to get my feet wet (Or taste it, as usual.  Is that weird?).

    Looking toward Somers Point

    Looking toward Somers Point

  • The Ninth Street bridge connecting Ocean City with Somers Point is finally finished, grandiose beyond belief.  Your tax dollars at work.
  • The Ocean City boardwalk is either disgustingly tacky or endearingly tacky, depending on your viewpoint,   but tacky either way.  I have the photos to prove it.



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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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