A Fine Example

Last week, as was widely reported, our country’s noble John Boehner wagged his finger at his counterpart in the Senate, Harry Reid, and told him to “Go f___ yourself.” an epithet we have all heard in our lifetime, but rarely from public officials who are expected to be above that sort of talk.  It’s been a while since Bill Clinton’s presidency and I guess Mr. Boehner, whose name I tend to mispronounce, thought our children needed a fresh example of how low they could sink.

Twice now, I have read commentaries on this exchange stating that the suggested act would require an impossible degree of flexibility and athleticism.  Not so!  To set the record straight, the phrase refers to masturbation, usually done in private (thankfully), hence the verb “Go.”  (I hope this is not sending any toddlers scurrying to their dictionaries, as desirable as that would normally be.)

Perhaps Mr. Boehner will clarify his meaning in a future news conference.  Or not.



About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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