Soap Sliver Solution

Shortly after posting the previous blog on Saving Soap Slivers, I received an email from a guy who has an elegant solution to the problem.  He is developing a soap bar with an indentation on the top shaped to accept the sliver from the previous bar.  He calls it “Stack Soap.”

Only when I read his email did I realize that soap slivers all curiously have the same shape, independent of the original bar.  His idea is when you open a new bar of soap, you press the old sliver into the indentation where it will stick and continue to be used.

Bars of soap come in a variety of shapes, all designed to look like you are getting more soap than you really are.  Soap manufacturers think we are too dumb to notice, so I like his idea of a shape that has a practical use.

I think he missed the tongue-in-cheek humor of my posting, but, still, he has a cleaver idea, and I can see him licensing it to major soap companies like Proctor & Gamble.  I don’t think people would seek out a specific brand just for that minor convenience, but they would appreciate it on their regular brand.   Even a fraction of a cent royalty on each bar should make him rich.  Meanwhile, I will continue with my favorite Kirkland soap that does everything else well.

You can see a video of his idea at  You can even help finance his venture.  I wish him well.

Note 4/26/2016:  I see by the website above, he is now marketing his own product through Amazon, another clever idea. By using Amazon, he avoids the problems of marketing in hundreds of separate stores all across the country.  I wish him now even better.

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