The Highland Avenue Boys

Here are our eighth grade boys replies on likes, dislikes, and hobbies (see previous posting).  While the girls often cited a convertible as their utmost desire, none of the boys did.  And I was wrong about boys not liking horses.  Three mentioned them, but one, Jesse Allison, was in my class and had actual experience on a farm.  Several enjoyed hamsters, a recently introduced pet.  But all this interest in stamps and coin collecting?  Nothing I ever heard about.  

I was surprised how important music was for both boys and girls.  They often mention band, orchestra, and chorus as enjoyable activities.  No one said they disliked them.  If they played an instrument, they enjoyed that, too, with no complaints about having to practice.

Swimming was a popular activity, but it was not the disciplined stroke mechanics and timed races of today.  Swimming was playing in a pool, lake, or ocean, an unusual treat and only in summer.  We all enjoyed that.  I suspect horseback riding was the same—an occasional summer treat on a Pocono vacation. 

Eating and sleeping were far more important for the boys than the girls. The girls often complained of show-offs, but the boys did not.  The boys generally ignored personalities and only occasionally complained of stuck-ups (meaning girls who did not return their interest). 

A number of these classmates simply disappeared.  They would be gone without a trace when we returned from summer vacation, and with the excitement of new teachers, classes and classmates, we barely noticed their loss. 


Jay Fleigelman likes sports, collecting baseball pictures, and the Yankees.  “Fuzzy” dislikes homework and is undecided about the future.

Edward Hagopian likes music, sports, television and to collect matchbook covers.  “Maestro” says he dislikes school, homework and some teachers and someday hopes to be a concert pianist.

Edwin Henrie likes music, violin, basketball, track, chocolate ice-cream sodas and certain teachers.  “Frenchie” dislikes certain other teachers and wants to go to college. 

Jack King, who likes girls and food, enjoys playing basketball, watching television, and messing around.  “Kingsy” dislikes homework and would like to become a man.

Henry Louis Pucci likes baseball, swimming, eating, and good looking girls.  “Smokey” dislikes smart allicks [sic] and hopes to be a salesman.

Norman W. Rowley enjoys music, clarinet, girls, food, sleep, and vacations from school.  “Norm” dislikes work and hopes to become an architect or engineer. 

Jim Valentine likes sports, girls, hoagies, milk shakes, and movies.  “Val”, who dislikes school, hopes to become Joan Carberry’s boyfriend. [Now there is an honest and realistic ambition.  Way to go, Jim.  -RW]

8B (see the 8/17/2005 posting  for a photo of this class, Mr. Brown, homeroom teacher)

Jesse Allison likes horseback riding, fishing, photography, dogs, and cattle.  “Al” says he dislikes basketball and hopes someday to breed cattle or horses, train dogs, or farm.

Dick N. Benham likes school sports, gymnastics, and outdoor life.  “Benny” says he dislikes girls and hopes to become a test pilot.

Robert Bunting enjoys dancing, eating, and being with girls.  “Bunny” says he dislikes teachers and his ambition is to be a pro football player.

Bill Dickson, active student council member, likes sports and eating.  “Willey”, whose hobby is airplanes, dislikes small ice-boxes—hopes to be a Yale graduate.

Ray Haegele likes dancing, horseback riding, girls, cars, and planes.  “Ray” says his hobby is making models and that he dislikes school.  He hopes to one day enter Navy Air Force.

Philip C. Herr is happy when working at science, collecting bugs, or playing his flute.  “Phil” says he dislikes booklets and hopes to someday be a scientist.

N. Wayne Kressley likes stamp collecting, playing tuba in band, and Bob Bunting’s are [sic].  Says he dislikes squash and school and hopes someday to be a farmer. 

Frank McCarthy, Jr. likes to watch or play sports.  “Brother” says he dislikes work but does it and hopes to be a banker.

Kenneth Rishel is happy when playing sports, watching television, or eating.  “Little Woody” dislikes doing dishes and wants to be a roller derby player.  [“Woody” did not mean then what it means today.  -RW]

Floyd Shelton likes football, basketball, girls, and going to the movies.  “Sonny” dislikes some teachers and hopes to become a star football player in high school.

Roger Walck is happy when playing ping-pong or reading comic books.  “Wackey”, whose hobby is chemistry, dislikes girls with one exception and hopes to be rich in later life.  [“Wackey Walck,” get it?  But I don’t remember anyone calling me that.  I have no idea who the one exception could have been.  I would be rich if my mother had saved my old comic book collection. -RW]


Robin Atkiss likes band, track, swimming, football, baseball, and girls.  “Slugger” dislikes some girls and homework and hopes to become a jet pilot.

Robert W. Gallen likes eating, sleeping, girls, and beating up his little brother.  “Gal” hopes to be a professional.

David Hall enjoys boys and mixed chorus, science club, baseball, tennis, and swimming and hopes to go to college. [Dave enjoyed both boys chorus and mixed chorus, not as it sounds here. –RW]

James Herring likes breathing, football, model building and food.  “Fish Face” says he dislikes certain people and hopes to become an engineer.  [Now there was a kid comfortable in his own skin.  -RW]

Dick Huber likes football, stamp collecting, money and girls.  “Rebel” says he dislikes certain people and wants to be a hydroelectric engineer.

Bill Krause enjoys raising hamsters, chemistry, and being with girls.  “Skip” hopes to become a chemical engineer.

William Macaleer likes pets of all kinds and is active in football, science club, and mixed chorus.  “Billy” dislikes people who harm animals and hopes to become a veterinarian.

Alan McCone likes sports, science, and playing trombone in band and orchestra.  “Mechanism”, who dislikes mushy movies, expects to follow through with science and math in later life.  [“Mechanism?”  I never heard that.  He was always “Corn Boogie.” -RW]

Arthur Mitchell is happy when watching or splaying [sic] sports, and seeing movies.  “Buzzie” says his hobby is stamp and coin collecting and hopes to become a millionaire. 

George Nopper likes scouts, band, movies, trumpet, and building model airplanes.  “Flatfoot” hopes to become a garbage collector.  [Surveys always get a few cynical replies. –RW]

Daniel Powell likes basketball and dogs but dislikes cats.  “Bug eyes” enjoys softball, loafing, sleeping and eating.  [Another kid comfortable in his own skin, but I never heard him called that. -RW]

Robert M. Rowlands likes sleeping, eating, ice cream, and monkeys.  “Hammerhead” dislikes certain teachers and hopes to be a doctor.  [Maybe boys that age are just proud of gross nicknames. -RW]


William E. Arnold, who likes stamps and his dog, is active in dancing class and orchestra.  “Bill” says he dislikes rain and homework and wants to become an oculist. [That what it says, an oculist. –RW]

Donald J. Bamford likes to play Eb alto horn and enjoys baseball, Yankees, Phillies, and stamps.  “Bambi” dislikes girls and homework and hopes to become a sportswriter.

C. Barry Buckley likes dancing class, coin collecting, swimming, Athletics, sports, and horses.  “Deno” dislikes homework and cats and hopes to someday soak Bill Dickson in a water pistol fight.

Albert Harrison likes science club, journalism, swimming, sports, and clarinet.  “Al”, who dislikes homework, hopes to someday take over his parent’s store.

William T. Hayes likes food, sleep, Phillies, and is active in band and orchestra—playing trombone.  “Bill” dislikes stuck-up girls and want’s  [sic] to be a veterinarian.

Duane Snyder likes playing trumpet in band and orchestra, stamps, hamsters, and girls.  “Shadrack” dislikes homework and getting up early and hopes to marry a movie star. 

Donald S. Young likes scouts, dancing, football, Phillies, and Yankees.  “Don” dislikes certain girls and would like to be a lawyer.

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