Fractured English

China manufactures so much for us these days that the old instructions in fractured English have mostly gone.  But not totally gone, I’ve found.

Here are the care instructions that recently came with a camera viewfinder made in Shanghai: (The viewfinder comes with a rubber-bulb brush and a small cleaning cloth.)

Maintenance with Maintain:

This product is a precise and optical instrument,pleasing watch for to defeng the tide dust palliative,  Doing not want to point to get in touch with the optical glass by hand,do not fall off to fall or hits.

  • In case that the immodesry makes dirty the optical glass,please use first to blow,the breeze brushes to use the dust clearance,then the soft and cleana cloth wipcs lightly,ifstill not clean,can use the lens puer try the paper be stained with a little amount lens the pure trying the liquid to wipe lightly.Besides pure try the liquid excluding,the other do not use all.
  • The outward appearance pleases use the soft and clean cloth to wipe lightly,do not use the organism melting agent cleaning absolutely.

Duly noted.  I know tide dust palliative can be a real pain and I will defeng it at the earliest sign.   I will also watch my immodesry and will absolutely never use an organism melting agent.

Okay, sure, my Chinese would come out equally fractured, but I would not even try.  I would not notice a tiny mark missing in a Chinese character just as easily as they failed to notice the difference between “wipcs” and “wipes.”  Instead, I would pay a native Chinese to dash off something. 

So, how did this one happen?  I suspect someone at the Shanghai office said, “Hey, Chang was in America once.  Let’s get him to write it.”  So Chang struggles for several days (and surely he did struggle, mightily, while pouring over a dictionary).  When he finishes, who would proofread it?


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