The Twentieth Century Club Dances

Nancy Leith Musser came across this 1950 newspaper clipping of one of our actual dances at Lansdowne’s Twentieth Century Club where many of us were sent early on to learn the etiquette of social dancing.  (See the blog of 3/27/06 for a current photo of the same location).  This shows a special Christmas season dance (based on the date) with the girls in gowns.  I do not remember any special dances, but, then, I would have no reason to.  The boys are shown dressed in their normal jackets and ties and our mothers would have driven us there as usual.Lansdowne Ballroom Dancing 1 grayscale

I suspect we are in it because why else would Nancy’s parents save it?  I see people who could be me, Nancy, Marel Harlow, and perhaps Marilyn Fox.  These are only guesses because it is a crude newspaper photo and I am mainly going by hair styles.  Let me know if you think you recognize anyone.  I am still waiting for Nancy’s comments because I understand she is now using her local library’s computers to access her e-mail.

I love this photo.  I can hear the clacking of  Mr. Keenon’s castanets keeping the beat, and I’m slide-close-sliding under my desk as I type this blog.

Did you notice the photo is reversed?  Even then, we boys knew to take the girl’s right hand with our left.  Caught you, Delaware County Times!


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