Nose Hair

I dislike discussing something obnoxious like nose hair, but so many men my age have this problem that I feel I must.

Bill Cosby did a humorous bit on this a few years ago.  He pointed out that as men age and hair stops growing on their head it gets confused and starts growing out of all sorts of other places it never did before, such as from their nose and ears.  I assume women either do not have this problem or they are more used to trimming overgrown shrubbery.

Just yesterday, I was sitting in our community center sauna talking to a very pleasant guy my age who had interesting things to say, but he had several hairs about a half inch long sticking out of his right nostril that wiggled in the breeze with each breath.  It was like a car wreck that you don’t want to look at, but you can’t resist.  When he talked, they whipped around like bamboo in a hurricane.  This did not seem to bother him, but it made my own nose itch.  So there we were, him talking with his black and gray hairs swinging this way and that way and me franticly twitching and rubbing my nose.  I had to leave.  I thought I was gonna die!  It’s always something.

This is Roseanne Roseannadanna—Live from New York— it’s Saturday Night!

(Trivia question:  Roseanne Roseannadanna occasionally mentioned three relatives by name.  Who were they?  Answer: Nana Roseannadanna, Pollyanna Roseannadanna and Carlos Santana Roseannadanna.  Also, she always began by reading a letter sent in by a viewer who was always the same person.  Who was he?  Answer: Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey.  I have no idea why she picked that name.)
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