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IMG_9875Philadelphia’s newest and tallest building, the Comcast Center, is open and it’s lobby has become a secret tourist spot.

The lobby is a huge room, maybe three stories tall, the entrance side all glass.  The first thing you notice are the life-sized manikins of ordinary people on the exposed beams high overhead.   The wall behind the receptionist is plain wood paneling, but huge, reaching all the way up.  But as you are looking at the manikins, you see a large picture on the wall that you did not notice before, and now the scene in the frame is slowly moving.  Gradually, it dawns on you that the entire upper half of the paneling is not paneling at all, but a giant LCD screen.

Other pictures come on, but the show only lasts a few minutes and goes back to imitating the paneling.   In about five minutes, it starts again with something different, perhaps a whimsical celestial scene with people floating past.  There is no seating, so it is a good balance between something impressive, but not so entertaining that it draws crowds of tourists spending the afternoon.

The Comcast Center is just across 17th Street from Suburban Station, but you don’t even have to go outside to get there.  They are connected by an underground, upscale food center coming off of the west side of the station between the 17th Street exit and the restrooms.   You can also leave through the back of the Comcast Center to a small, new park right near Logan Circle and the Moore College of Art with their pleasant, small gallery, free and open to the public.





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