Norm Rowley

No, no, he’s not dead.  He just recently posted his information on Facebook and to see his stuff, I joined, too.  I have heard so much about Facebook, I wanted to see first-hand how it worked. 

There, you can post your biography, photos, and recent activities that only those you have designated as "Friends" can see.  And there’s the problem.  My short list of friends do not regularly use their computers, and even they would not be interested in my typical activities, such as my colonoscpopy or getting a new pair of long johns.

Norm could not make our reunion, so here is his picture with his brand-new granddaughter.  I wouldn’t say he looks the same as always, but he looks very good and I could have picked him out of a lineup.  I think it is his expression that is familiar after all Norm Rowleythese years.  I would like to know how he kept his hair, but it’s too late for me, anyway.

If you have any experience with Facebook, let me know.  It could be useful for old classmates to keep in touch, but I don’t quite see it for me.
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