Sunrise Earth

I recently replaced our TV with an HD plasma.  The old 36-inch CRT TV took up the entire corner of valuable space in the living room, while the flat-screen takes no space at all as it hangs on a perfectly-suited blank wall.

One program I really enjoy I had never heard of and did not expect.  It is called “Sunrise Earth” and shows one hour of sunrise, each program at a different location.  Available only in HD, it is like looking out of your own window.  You are there.  They are in real time in the sense that each hour program is approximately one hour of sunrise, but they are edited recordings and not actually happening as you watch. Today’s location was in Yosemite Park, beginning with the rising sun peaking over a dark mountain landscape and ending with the shear granite face of El Capitan shining in full sunlight.  Yesterday it was on a Wyoming ranch with horses in blankets grazing in a field, breathing steam and doing what horses do in the morning.  My favorite so far is “Lobster Morning” showing a small harbor in Maine as the lobster men prepare their boats and head out for the day.

As I mentioned in a previous blog (May 13), I enjoy sunrises, seeing the world waking up, even my own sunrises over Concord Pike.  In nasty weather, or just for variety, the TV version is a good way to begin the day.  The stationary camera stays in one position for several minutes then gently changes to another.  It typically shows a gradually lightening shoreline or a field.   An occasional shorebird or rabbit may pass by, or may not.  There is no dialog nor commercials—all you hear are the sounds of nature, such as a babbling brook with chirping birds and crickets or ocean waves with squawking gulls.  Like nature itself, it does not demand constant attention.  You can comfortably read the morning newspaper and just glance up occasionally.  The sound alone is pleasant.

In our area, the program comes on at 7 AM, so it coincides with my actual sunrise.  It is repeated at 10 AM for those late-risers who would like to experience a sunrise if they weren’t all so darned early.

I know several people who avoid TV because they think it is all “WW Smackdown,” or “I Love New York.”   (“New York” is a slutty black lady who picks the best lover from a pack of enthusiastic male contestants.)

I think they are missing something.  TV offers variety, and what you engage in is your choice, as in life itself.


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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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