2008 Mini-Reunion

Oppressive heat and humidity broke on the night before the mini-reunion and made for a perfect day at Ocean City, even bringing out a few jackets on the boardwalk at night. The highlight was Ed Fitzsimmons and his wife Helen.  Ed has kept in touch with several classmates over the years and could bring us up-to-date on them, as well as his own insights of our high school days.  It turns out Ed periodically meets for lunch with retirees from his old company at a restaurant within walking distance of my house, so we will definitely be seeing more of each other.  We just hope he will bring Helen along, who is an accomplished and interesting woman in her own right (and, from Drexel Hill).

The others were Nancy Musser, Leon and Nan West (Evans), Jerry and Faith Jerome, and Missy and me.  Nancy brought our original commencement announcement that I borrowed, scanned, and will eventually post.

We have relaxed into a pleasant routine of old friends at these mini-reunions.  This year, the Miss New Jersey pageant was that night at the Music Pier, and, although we just missed a boardwalk parade, there was a constant flow of dressed-up, made-up girls in sashes and tiaras scurrying past us.  Catch their eye, and they would automatically flash a professional smile.  At one time, I would have thought them sexy, but now they just remind me of my granddaughters and I only think of how messy their bedrooms must be right now.  All this made for more crowds than normal, but we found our own corner and it was far more entertaining than disturbing.

As has become our routine now, we all went to the Island Grille on First Street for dinner in their outdoor area.  We returned to the boardwalk and stayed until about 9:30.  Jerry says he always does three things at Ocean City.  I forget two, but one is eating that silky smooth boardwalk fudge they make in bright copper kettles in the front window.  For me, it’s using the Music Pier men’s room at night.  Coming out, my father is right beside me holding my tiny hand.  We cross the boardwalk toward my waiting mother and sister looking at dresses in a store window while sea gulls laugh and a distant newsboy cries out, “Bulletin!  Gettcher four-star (pause), sports-final (pause) Bulletin here.”  But I blink, and they are gone.



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