Global Warming

So what am I doing getting political in a high school class blog?  Because I am not committed to these views and I certainly do not expect to convert anyone to them.  These are just my impressions at the moment—by tomorrow, they may be different.

In a nutshell, I suspect global warming is real and the results have a good chance of being disastrous.  That said, I doubt anything can be done about it.  We may be already past the tipping point, and, if not, real measures to turn it around would be so draconian only an oppressive world-wide dictatorial government could enforce it.

What we have now are a plethora of expensive, feel-good solutions that all-totaled may only postpone the disasters for about fifteen minutes.  We have a good example of this right in Delaware.

The local topic is how to best generate more electricity.  Our electric company, Delmarva Power,  was planning to expand their coal-based generating plant when an unknown company, Bluewater Wind (I give them credit for picking a great feel-good name.) purposed building instead 150 wind turbines fifteen miles out in the ocean off the Delaware coast—of course, giving them the contract that would make their officers rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Delmarva Power replied, forget it, it is far too expensive and unproven.  Bluewater, in turn, appealed to our state legislators (with logic, we are to believe, not campaign contributions) who forced Delmarva to negotiate with Bluewater.

Build 150 wind turbines 15 miles out in the ocean?  Are they crazy?  Anyone at our age and experience knows—knows!— it would be a first-class boondoggle.  At mid-point of the project and after spending a fortune, they would find the towers were sinking, the turbines were corroding, the cables breaking, you name it.   Whatever it was, would require another fortune to fix, but we already spent all this money and could not stop now.  Even when complete, only half would be running properly and Delmarva would still have to expand their coal plant.  Meanwhile, Bluewater’s officers would have collected their salaries, sold their stock, and retired to someplace where electricity is cheap.  We know this is how it would play out.  Such projects always do.

Our national politicians have it right.  Set a goal of 60% carbon reduction by the year 2050.  No, make that 80%.  We will all be gone by then.  Let those alive in 2049 decide how to do it, and pay for it.

An elderly woman recently told me she was doing her part by driving a new Prius.  I shocked the poor dear by suggesting the real answer would be to get rid of her car altogether.

She carefully explained to me why that would be impossible, that she had some needs absolutely requiring a car; she had to get to her doctor and the grocery store.  Exactly my point!  Every driver on our clogged highways can make the same argument.

The real solution is to have the entire world’s population divide up into groups of three, and two of them volunteer to immediately reduce the surplus population.  There are just too many of us.  We are the ubiquitous trilobites of our geologic age.  A handful of geese flying in formation is a beautiful sight, but hundreds of them side-by-side pooping on our lawn is another story.

We are the ones now pooping on the earth’s lawn.  Just since our high school graduation, our country’s population has doubled.  It will double again in even less time.  This cannot possibly go on much longer.

Any volunteers?



About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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