Ted Carl, another classmate found!  After a career in banking that sent him as far away as Colorado, he is now settled near Wilkes Barre.  An old friend, his name was too common to find on a general search.  I noticed in our Lahian he used the formal “Theodore D. Carl” and a search on that narrowed it down to only two possibilities.  We hoped to see him at the mini-reunion, but he didn’t make it.  More news on that later.

Bob Gallen wins the “It’s a Small World” award.  Bob’s Significant Other of many years, is Norwegian.  About 20 years ago, out in California, she was looking through Bob’s Lahian and recognized Wanda Anderson as her cousin.  She knew her father’s sister had married a Swede who moved to Lansdowne, and they were Wanda’s parents.  They had never known what happened to Wanda and were happy to find her through this blog.  Nice story!

E-mail me if you would like an updated class address list.


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