I was recently reading an excerpt from the Chinese “Book of Odes” written about 1000 B.C. The odes read very much like Psalms, at least in translation.

The author was presenting a food offering to his ancestor. Surprisingly, it was a bowl of soup.   He wished his ancestor would “. . . bestow on me eyebrows of longevity; gray hair and wrinkles in abundance.”

That hit home. For quite a few years my eyebrows have become “eyebrows of longevity,” long white strands like Andy Rooney’s.  Why after a certain age does hair stop growing on men’s heads but grows wildly in our eyebrows and out our noses and ears?

This is why I reject the theory of Intelligent Design. Nothing is intelligent about that.

I cut my own hair and do my eyebrows at the same time with the same clippers. I like to keep life simple.  Only occasionally does someone notice the length of both are curiously the same.

But long eyebrows, gray hair, and wrinkles are blessings. Three thousand years ago, people were praying for them, and now I have them.

I wish you could have gotten them, too, Marel.  I’ve missed you many times over the years. I know we and our spouses would have all been great friends, telling stories about old classmates and each year exchanging Christmas cards containing proud pictures of our growing half-Asian children, not even noticing the increasing gray hair and wrinkles in each other.

Roger Walck

About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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