Another LAHS Web Site

Amazingly, another LAHS class has a web site.  The class of 1978 at:

Of course, this is long after our class.  There is no one there we would know unless they were children of our classmates, yet it is still interesting. This is a real web site, not just a blog, very polished and professional, probably done by someone who is a professional web designer.

The site opens with a familiar shot of the front of the school, just as it looked to us.

It shows pictures of their 20th and 25th reunions with classmates hugging and reminiscing over old times, just like ours, except at a different place and with younger people.  They, too, have a list of classmates that can’t be found, and a surprisingly long list of those who died.

It seems very strange to see all this enthusiasm for OUR high school by a group totally unknown to us, a group not even born while we were there, yet with just as many memories, funny stories, and favorite teachers.



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