Georgie Woods

I read in our local newspaper today that Georgie Woods, the Guy With the Goods died.  He was a rhythm & blues disk jockey on WDAS who influenced the more rebellious of us.  He was 78, not that much older than we.

A real fan of R&B was Dave Hall.  We even went to an R&B show at Philadelphia’s Uptown Theatre where we were the only white faces there.  Momma, you never knew!

Our real hero, however, was Jocko, another black R&B DJ who broadcast from WHAT, an obscure Philly station that only reached the suburbs when the aether was just right.  Before he died in 2000, I saw him interviewed on TV where he claimed to be the originator of rap.  This was a plausible claim.  Way back then, he spoke in a rhyming rhythm like . . . well . . . like rap.   “Eee-tiddlee-yock, this is the Jock,” or “Oo-papa-doo, how do you do?”  Always from “Phil-um-eye-delph-eye-YAY-yah!”  Corny?  Well, you had to be there.

Check this web site for biographies of Georgie Woods,  Jocko, Hi Lit, Grady & Hurst, Chief Halftown, Sally Starr, John Facenda, and other Philadelphian media personalities of the 50s:



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