Washington, D.C. Class Photo

Do you still have your photo of our senior trip to Washington, D.C.? When I opened mine, I was surprised to see how faded it had gotten, so I scanned it, brought back the contrast, sharpened it, and colorized it. The results are fantastic! It is 8″ x 52″, larger than the original, and looks like it was taken yesterday in Kodachrome. I got it printed at Kinko’s where they print from a roll of paper, so it can be any length.

If you would like a copy, I can send it to you on a disk and you can have it printed yourself. Kinko’s charged $15 on vinyl or $25 on laminated paper (better quality). In a pinch, I could send you a finished print from my Kinko’s. E-mail me if you are interested.

One word of caution. The picture is a whopping 40 mb file. If you try to look at it on your computer, it may take a while to load and manipulate. Have patience.

Click on photo below to enlarge.

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